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Animal of the Year

Each year for the next decade, River Town Days will feature a southern animal tethered to Southern Culture.  We hope by highlighting our southern wildlife, we hope to symbolize our culture by showing our appreciation of the terrain and ecology unique to our region. For 2020 and 2021, we have chosen the American Alligator to represent our festival due to its strength, boldness and importance to our local habitat. 

The River Town Days committee would like to thank the following artists for their creative contributions to help bring the new festival vision to fruition: Ashley Long & Chelsea Kornse. With a background in scientific illustration, native Ashley Long, illustrated the alligator skull to be used as the main graphic for our merchandise.

With a background in art and photography, native Chelsea Kornse, provided us with a digital line drawing of an alligator to be used as a interactive painting mural for our festival.

Alligator Line Drawing-river town days-updated